Our Founders


Having worked within different areas of fashion for many years, both respectively and together, co-founders Rae Pooley and Nataschia Holland wanted to create a brand that would challenge trends and the fast paced norms of the industry — designing special pieces to be treasured; heirlooms to be handed down.

Alongside their mutual admiration for careful craft, they have a beautiful connection through their homeland of South Africa; a rapport that felt serendipitous when they became colleagues and one that in 2018, led them to the birth of Raela. 

"I have always been drawn to products with stories and nuance, that push aesthetic boundaries whilst remaining timeless. There is so much beauty in products made by the human hand, so I feel humbled to have such talented artisans bringing our designs to life."
— Rae Pooley, Co-Founder & Designer

"I often take on a philosophical approach in my creative work, which is why I feel such a profound connection to India and our adaptation of traditional craftsmanship. The country and its people are a constant source of inspiration to me." 
— Nataschia Holland, Co-Founder & Designer